Custody and visitation issues are often the most hotly contested family law disputes. Nothing is more important than providing a stable and appropriate environment for your children.

If you are contemplating divorce and have children, it is imperative that you focus on their best interests when making custody and visitation decisions. The Law Office of Tenecia P. Reid provides a calm, experienced perspective and rigorous representation no matter your custody situation.

Perhaps your custody order is unclear and difficult to enforce. Maybe your ex, as the custodial parent, is not acting in the children’s best interests and you want to modify custody. Perhaps your spouse or ex-spouse moved out of state with the children without notifying you. Or maybe you were never married and you want to know what your custodial rights are.

If you are currently involved in a custody dispute, or if you are planning to file for divorce and you have minor children, it is vital that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

Representing fathers and mothers throughout Northern Virginia, Attorney Reid is a caring and tenacious advocate. She uses common sense reasoning, compassion and years of experience to help you reach successful custody and visitation arrangements.