I lost my job—do I still need to pay child support?

How much spousal support am I entitled to?

My ex hasn’t paid in years—what are my options?

My wife committed adultery—will a judge make me pay her support?

My spouse has a business and is hiding income while we calculate support—what can I do?

My spouse won’t let me see the kids, so I’m not paying her child support—will I get in trouble?

I pay for the kids’ clothes, school supplies, and extracurricular activities—that counts as support, right?

The Department of Child Support Enforcement is garnishing my paycheck for more than I owe and will not correct it—help?

How do I get my ex to pay his part of the children’s unreimbursed medical expenses?

My wife refuses to work, so why should I have to pay more support?

My spouse is underemployed—can we attribute income to him for a support calculation?

My ex signed an agreement waiving child support, but now she is petitioning the court for it—she can’t do that, right?

The Law Office of Tenecia P. Reid has addressed these questions and more in our wide representation of clients dealing with support issues. In today’s troubled economy, we understand that problems with spousal or child support can make or break a household budget.

The Commonwealth of Virginia treats child support issues very seriously, so whether you are the payor or payee, it is in your interest to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Whatever your particular issue, Attorney Reid knows what your options are and will help you find the best solution.